Superbowl Sunday Menu

Superbowl SundaySuperbowl Sunday is here!!  Who are you routing for??  It’s a raining day here.  Which is good for me because it’s a great excuse to hang out inside and cook all day.  Here’s my plan for the day:

Mini Pumpkin DonutsBreakfast:  Mini Pumpkin Donuts.  Recipe here!  Variation:  I skipped the cloves because I accidentally mixed up my recipes and bought whole instead of ground.  Taste fine.  Also, I brushed the butter on, instead of dipping.  Hopefully it makes them a little lighter.





Pretzel Dogs

Lunch/Snacks: Pretzel Dogs.  I haven’t started these quite yet.  So I’ll keep you posted, here’s my recipe.




Beef Sandwiches

Dinner:  Beef Sandwiches.  This is in the oven.  Variation:  No sage, we do not really like it.

I know you’re probably thinking “No wings??”  Nope, we had those last night, with a recipe I think was really good.  If you’re not a fan of chicken skin try this recipe.  The skin is practically gone.

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